Public procurement

Relying on many years of experience in providing services to both contracting authorities and contractors, we offer ongoing support in the application of the provisions of the Public Procurement Law and assistance in the process of applying for a public contract (also in the field of sector contracts and co-financed from external funds).

We offer, among others, the following types of support:

– for ordering parties:

  • preparation of internal regulations for the award of public contracts,
  • preparation of contract templates,
  • verification of concluded contracts in terms of compliance with generally applicable laws and internal regulations,
  • assistance in the preparation and verification of the prepared tender documents,
  • support in the public procurement procedure,
  • analysis of the possibility of applying individual procedures for awarding public contracts or withdrawing from the provisions of the Act.

– for contractors:

  • analysis of the terms of the contract proposed by the contracting authority,
  • verification of the compliance of the offers with the conditions for participation in the procedure,
  • identification of threats and risks related to the conclusion of the contract,
  • ongoing advice in the course of the process of applying for the award of the contract and the implementation of contracts.